NMLS #150934

The Application

The application is a very important part of the loan and must be very detailed as we need to take a snapshot of your life and compose a meticulous file to submit to the lender.

Credit Report

Credit will have to be part of the application and will be pulled from the credit bureaus during the loan application process. We will analyze the report to see if we need to make any corrections or if we can assist you in getting a higher score.


We are very protective of all personal information you give us to process your loan. All files are guarded and at the end of the day the files are locked up and secured. We have an onsite experienced processor working on your files at our location.


Appraisal will be ordered through the lender who will order through a management company and they have appraisers on a rotation basis who will complete the appraisal. The appraiser will contact either the seller or the listing agent for entry.


​We have a great reputation with all of our lenders and have direct access to all of their underwriters. We work very closely with all our underwriters and we have open communication daily.


This is the easy part! Before you go to closing you will know exactly what figures you need to send to the title company or what figures you will get at closing. You will have knowledge of all documents that will have to be signed at the closing table.

The Loan Process


Once we have your complete  application, we will get you pre-qualified within minutes. We are set up with automatic underwriting and have answers from our lenders immediately. We have wholesale rates and costs from all of our lenders.